Friday, July 1, 2011

14 more minutes ...

Currently at work, in the music/dvd's department and I am bored like a mother heffer. Me and John are the only ones taking care of the floor, but in other words, I am the only one taking care of the floor since BOOKS and LUGGAGE are irrelevant people and don't really help out anyone else. And yes I am typing away and not looking out at the floor so anyone in their right mind can steal whatever they want.

Also looking out for ranga bitch of a manager from the other side since she'll kill me if she saw me on the computer and not watching out. I am also blasting out some Adele, cause Dj's started to feel boss and finally get some decent albums. For 1.5x more expensive than anywhere else. Seriously Dj's maybe I should major in Finance so I can become the senior financial advisor for this place and tell you how you won't lose 19% of your capital budget compared to the year before.

Anyway I am now loving my manager, okay love is too much, like more than the dumb annoying useless supervisor. Also 10 more minutes till close going to lock the registers and CLOSE UP MUSIC/DVDS.

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