Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thrift, Summer Hills, Newtown and Mag Nation

Julie and I planned to head off to Summer Hills to do some thrift shopping after uni for the day. Firstly Julie didn't have uni and wanted to do her work in the morning, such a studious student, and for me I had class but didn't wake up and couldn't be bothered (also just passing the subject too - should try harder).

Summer Hills disappointed me because the Minolta camera I wanted was $80 and I'm pretty sure the lady just said any number she could think of and really didn't know the price. So we proceeded to plan B where we spent the rest of the afternoon at Newtown so I can purchase something!

We had $6* Thai which is actually no longer $6, but $6.50 .. why does Australia choose to be more expensive in every way! Also we came across Mag Nation. It was a brilliant place to chill. I love it, design, artsy fartsy books and plenty of choices of magazines!

A brilliant day, with finally getting a knitted cardi that I am greatly pleased with, even if the price doesn't seem reasonable as it was thrifted, but hey it's going to charity, can't complain!

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  1. I love Mag Nation.
    Somewhere to chill without having to buy a coffee lol!
    And you should've bought the $6 pad thai deal at Thairiffic in Westfields!
    Btw I'm not commenting with my google account because it's screwing up.
    I don't know if this happens with yours, but it keeps telling me to sign in, and when I do, it's like never signed in!