Monday, August 8, 2011

Liana's on Sabbath

First weekend off in 2 months. It was time for a lunch date on my favourite day of the week (till work took over). Trish, Eunice, Bebs, Tin and myself headed to Parramatta to have lunch on church st. Liana's was the winner, it wasn't bad. Decent food and great service all at a reasonable price. We headed to Westfield cause we all wanted to buy a bag at Collette, Parra was such a disappointment as they didn't stock any of the bags we wanted to get. Anyway we headed all back at home and I forgot to get my froyo. So sad. Too bad.

PTL for a day off on Sunday. Hope it stays permanent every second week.


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  1. Guurrrrlyyyyyyyy! I am so hungry and these photos aren't helping. PS love the background design. So pretty.